Data charts reveal interesting insights about American content consumption

In the last two decades’ technology and the internet has risen to new height, the growth that internet industry and different internet companies has seen over these past 20 years is nothing less than a revolution. With the technological revolution came in multiple industries that surely changed the way we do things. While the arrival of technology and the internet surely brought about a lot of new industries however it affected a lot of industries since those industries couldn’t compete the ease and speed internet based companies provided.

While the internet industry growing at a fast pace, other industries that compete them are constantly declining, one such example is how internet and Netflix has taken over standard television.

However, while a large percentage of users specially the younger audience look up to streaming apps like Netflix and Prime as their go to, standard television is still in lead up until now. According to the new monthly Nielsen report, cable TV is still far ahead by 40 percent compared to streaming. The broadcasting category though in normal TV is a little off the road than it used to be, but it still is in the lead by 23 percent in comparison to streaming.

However, Netflix in its results for this quarter has assured its investors that there is still a lot of room for streaming to grow. The reason according to it, that they are far behind cable television currently is that, firstly streaming platforms like Netflix are currently popular among the youth only and secondly that they are not so widely used in a lot of countries and some other streaming platforms are not accessible in a few countries whilst normal cable TV has been present and working around the world for the longest time.

When it comes to streaming platforms, there is a lot of room for further improvements and growth and the future looks promising for it as well.

While there are a lot streaming platforms, Netflix is in the lead among all of them. It was concluded in a report that a great percentage of users in the last one year who subscribed to any other streaming app also subscribed to Netflix within the same time frame. Netflix currently has almost 79 percent of Americans subscribed to it, however Amazon Prime Video is also following behind with a user percentage of 60. Hulu follows behind at 55 percent and Disney with its streaming platform is also hot on the rails despite being launched only two years ago with 52 percent users. HBO Max, YouTube Premium and Apple TV also fall in the ranges between 35 to 20 percent.

This concludes that while cable TV has a lot of fan following still, a lot of users are now also loyal to streaming applications and with the increasing demand and a good user growth streaming platforms may out do normal TV, but that is a debate for the future.

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