Twitter brings a new update to its audio Spaces feature, making it more convenient to share and search, that can also enhance engagement among users

Since the launch of Twitter Spaces, it has gained much popularity among millions of users. The platform is making continual developments by taking feedbacks from its users. Recently, it has introduced a new update in its audio feature that can make it very convenient to share or search. In the first option, Twitter has now enabled people to create tweets right from its Spaces along with users can tweet with the hyperlink to that audio chat going on. However, it was previously available to send the hyperlink while attending to audio Spaces, however, which needed several clicks.

The company has also unveiled guest management panels in audio Spaces, which can easily assist hosts to conveniently watch who is present and which users have demanded to talk. The control for members has been relocated to the upper side, making them continuously available. Further, the new update has fixed some flaws in its audio feature. Those users, who want to try out the new features, need to download the new version of this application on their devices.

Twitter was experimenting with the coming search feature to the Spaces tab and now it has proclaimed about bringing such feature in the updated version. Currently, people who have the audio Spaces tab can conveniently experience the latest discovery selection to find the relevant Spaces by name or title of the host. The exact thing to bumping up Spaces will be in discovery and prominence pertinent Spaces to every user depending on their likings.

The algorithm of the platform for suggestions has not been that well at assisting people to explore the utmost pertinent topics and tweets. But the platform has said that it has upgraded this to bump up Spaces usage. However, these manual exploration features will also give more guidelines.

However, the platform has not confirmed yet that it will permit more people to the audio segment of the application. The platform has been constantly updating its app so that it can give tough competition to its competitor application Clubhouse. The platform has recently included provision for web form of the feature and ongoing testing with letting hosts vend vouchers to the discussions. The platform is now focusing more on its Spaces and it is a good idea to enhance the opportunities to increase engagement among users.

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