Twitter's new update will allow influencers to charge users to view 'Super tweets'; a barrier between the average and exclusive content

According to the app researcher and reverse engineer named Jane Manchun Wong, the ever-evolving micro-blogging social network, Twitter, will now have content hidden behind a paywall only visible to super followers. Non-super followers will not be able to view these tweets or pictures, it will be more like they won't exist!

Wong has been revealing new Twitter updates almost every day now with the arrival of Twitter Blue, the monetization of the app, and now this. She used the same platform to tweet a few screenshots describing the use of the new update.

Twitter has been looking for ways to monetize the site for a while now. We first caught the air of the platform having paid features back in 2017 with the promised launch of ‘TwitterDeck’ that would allow users to work on multiple accounts at once. Twitter wanting to monetize itself could turn out to be a rather perilous decision as Facebook, having even larger user base, has never charged their customers to avail exclusive services.

In her tweet, Wong revealed the benefits, credentials, along with criteria for application. Just like Patreon, a site that is used for paying creators to create content, Twitter will now have two sections, namely followers together with Super followers. These Super followers will have the privilege of viewing all the exclusive content in different categories - with even FansOnly and Adult Sections.

The subscription account will be decided by the users as per Twitter policies as well as the monthly approximate earnings. To apply, the rules are pretty simple. You just need to be an adult of 18 years, have a minimum of 10,000 followers, and should have tweeted at least 25 times in the span of the last 30 days. We have to admit, Twitter did make signing up too easy here.

If you are eligible, you just need to select the category, enter the platform, and describe the planned usage of your account. Moreover, there is an additional option to provide information on the demographics if you wish to Then just click submit and wait to get approved!

The tech giant also claimed that if you manage to convert only 2% of your 50,000 followers to paid subscribers, you will be able to earn $5000 a month! If you’re one of the lucky ones, you will get selected and super followers will then get a chance to view all the exclusive content.

Twitter also announced to launch a new feature soon known as Tip Jar, similar to this one, where users would be able to 'tip away' their favorite content creators to provide a little extra pocket money for their dearests.

Twitter also introduced 'Twitter Blue' a while back. Although the subscription service is not launched yet. Featuring a rate of just $2.99/month, the service is said to enable people to categorize bookmarks, enjoy an ad-free feed and undo tweets when needed. It is not confirmed yet if the above-mentioned two features including Super follows and Tip jar will be a part of the package too.

Twitter already harbors an audience of 192 million mDAU and by introducing such features, it is paving way for more traffic. It won’t be long until Facebook will be left far behind with Twitter on the top. Which one of the above features is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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