Facebook Bulletin expands by adding 25 new local news writers

Local content creators are finally getting hired to the exclusive list of writers working on Facebook's new initiative Bulletin.

Since Facebook was intent on expanding its platform for talents of all kinds, it added a new feature last June which was meant to be a fresh opportunity for writers. Unfortunately, in the start it did not prove to be so as it only considered working with names like Malala Yousufzai and Adam Grant, people who already had a voice. The users expected to see fresh raw talent with more relatability to be brought on such platforms as an opportunity to give the public voice but Facebook failed to do so.

After looking at the larger diversity picture, Facebook added in new writers soon after. It added writers again in July but this time around, we're glad to see the platform approaching local writers. It finally understood what the public wanted hence delivering it even if the hiring rate is pretty low with only 25 local news writers.

Apparently, Facebook had a $5 million commitment according to which such a fund had to be spent on local journalists. Facebook finally started on the project with the help of the platform's vice president of global news partnerships. Facebook teamed up with the ICJ, International Center for journalists and NAHJ, National Association of Hispanic Journalists to acquire these 25 writers bubbling with potential and now a place to let their juices flow.

This position comes with various benefits that are designed to help these writers grow to their maximum. It starts off by giving them an opportunity to learn, free of cost, on the essentials of journalism under the wings of influential Buzzfeed and The NewYorker strategist Dash Oshinsky. While Facebook is not known for doing things selflessly, this is indeed a selfless act established to create writers into independent individuals with the ability to start and run their own businesses effectively.

While these are the plans that the platform has for the writers for now, Facebook also shared the plans for them in the future and we are impressed. These plans, shared in March, consisted of standalone websites for each individual under their own names and brands with their very own logos as well. Even the palettes of the website are said to be customizable, giving these individuals complete authority and independence. They will also have the chance to decorate their articles with tools like embeds.

The July selection added 30 new writers while this one added 25. We look forward to the platform giving opportunities to more local writers to give them wings to take off on their flight to the journalism world.

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