FTC after losing in June yet again files a case against Facebook for being a monopolist platform this time the case is with clearer points

It's not an uncommon occurrence for Facebook to be constantly stuck in a whirlpools of court callings and allegations and yet again the tech giant was drawn into court, however this time for an amendment case of something which was declined back in June 2021.

Federal Trade Commission back in December 2020 filed a case against Facebook claiming that the social giant was playing a monopolist behavior by acquiring all the big names among its market competitors and hence ruling a great percentage of the social media world itself. However, the results in June 2021 for this allegation against Facebook came and the social giant had won and came through the allegations yet again.

The court however gave FTC an option to file a follow up case if they wanted to and that is what they did.

FTC, filed a new complaint with clearer proofs against Facebook and also mentioned that their chair Lina Khan will be working along the case in every step.

The new report mentions that Facebook along with Instagram are the two most dominant applications in the United Kingdom and both of these being owned by the same tech giant gives them a dominant power over other smaller applications in the same region while Snapchat is the only famous solo unrequited application within the region competition against Facebook currently. However, this comparison doesn't seem fair in the eyes if Facebook because Snapchat is a picture only application while Facebook and Instagram serve many other purposes.

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At the same time FTC accused Facebook of not operating like other applications and being a dominant platform known to steal user data and information without their consent massively. However, Facebook has previously been caught up in such cases too and has always come through.

Keeping all these points in mind, Facebook has warned the chair Lina Khan to back off the case because according to the social giant it is of no use. Considering the comeback points Facebook has for each of FTCs accusations and the fact that it is known to win every allegation that it has been accused of, the chances of Facebook winning seem wide.

However, Facebook still has a due date till 4th October 2021 to give their replies in courts, so let's see what the results will be.

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