Twitter Initiates The Testing Process For Another Option For Mention Control

Twitter has gained more momentum and coverage over the last few years since the George Floyd Case and the exposure covered with the Black Lives Matter movement. With the world moving towards a digital age, Twitter has been home to the opinion based free world which includes both the negative and positive aspects associated with it. The negative side consisting of the cancel culture and rage mob has scarred the users for a long time.
Twitter Leaving a conversation feature
With many that find themselves in the line of fire are forced to deactivate or remove their account need not do so anymore. Twitter understanding the situation has started on a streak of features that come under the umbrella of mention controls. The first of these updates have revolved around words and phrases that are personally offensive being censored out of only the users’ feeds. The second update is centered around who can respond to the tweets of the users. The third addition was recently started in the testing circles about the mention of users in tags. It states that a user has the option to untag/unmention themselves from feeds. Not only that, by selecting this option the user would stop receiving notifications from the post as well as deactivates the user profile mention if it exists over in the comments, retweets, shares, and the original post too.

Over the past year, there have been several instances of people jumping the bandwagon to crack down on users with innumerable tags and mentions targeting them with negative comments without having a grasp of what is the actual case. Although few, the number of cases of using causes and ideas for ulterior and personal motives still exists and this feature is at the frontline of preventing any such motives to be achieved by stopping the user from moving forward.

Despite the fact that this process is in the initial phases of testing, the appreciation and commends that these updates have received are massive for Twitter and have only boosted the social media platform to release similar updates that provide more control to the users over what they see on their feeds.

All the updates that are part of the mention control mechanism have practical uses for the social media platform in preventing the spread of hate and negativity. Along with stringent action against abusers and those who spread hate across the platform, these updates pair up to signal the active involvement of Twitter towards having a better community; a goal that they have worked towards since its inception.

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