Twitter joins hands with Reuters and Associated Press to make sure their platform is safe from the spread of misinformation

Social media applications while have brought a great form of entertainment in our lives, they still have some drawbacks and among one such drawback is the rapid spread of misinformation.

Hence all social networks take all the necessary steps that are needed to ensure that only authentic news and content appears to users while all posts containing misinformation are removed.

Among all these social platforms which have taken the necessary steps is Twitter which has been long working towards stopping the misinformation spread from its platform. It introduced Birdwatch a while back, in which specific group of users could report and deem content which they find misinformed as unauthentic.

While other steps were also taken, Twitter has now come forward with another way to make sure that unauthentic information is minimized on its platform. The tech giant has collaborated with two companies namely Reuters and The Association Press (AP), both of which together will work towards maintaining authentic information on the app.

The collaborative parties will add additional information on trending posts and other news content which will be vastly spread across the explore page so that the viewers can know what the topic of conversation is about and will also state facts related to it. Apart from this, the team will work around with specific keywords and hashtags which can be used to search the trending topics and will decide which searched results appear on top based on the authenticity of information and high quality content they contain.

The team will also be responsible for handling prompts which appear on the explore page and manage them irrespective of the fact that whether they are of Sports, Health or the movie industry.

However, what question you must have in mind is that Twitter already has a Trust and Safety team, so why the new collaboration.

Well, the Trust and Safety team is responsible for removing or banning content which it finds inappropriate in respect to the platform’s guidelines while this new collaborative party will add additional context on the latest trending news and content. It in no way will be responsible for removing content.

However, while Twitter may just have issued this duty to the Trust and Safety team, it would have only burdened their work and so having another party to take up this duty was a smart move and this new collaboration will make the work faster and will stop the misinformation from spreading excessively.

While previously, the trust and security system would ban or remove content after it had gotten viral and reported a few times, through this new collaboration the work would be done a lot faster.

It is a rather great initiative by Twitter and we are hopeful that they are successful in their mission.

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