TikTok sponsors The US Cyber Games in hopes of expanding connections with cybersecurity

With recent concerns regarding the data collection process of various platforms, particularly Facebook, TikTok took the opportunity to smoothen out the doubts on the platform by connecting ties with the US officials. TikTok is now declared as the founding sponsor of the US cyber games.

When voices of skepticism surfaced, TikTok saw it as its duty to explain the greater purpose behind the sponsorship. The Cyber Games is a program designed to provide more opportunities to aspiring cyber security talent. It promotes engagement and educational benefits at once. It not only gives a chance to show talent but also helps hone vital skills.

The idea of the Games is to make sure that no talent gets left behind. This will ensure that the cream gets surfaced, which will then be handpicked in order to combat all hackers and cyberterrorists. The vast participation in this competition gives the security the scope to explore various programs so as to always stay one step ahead.

The purpose of the act is to encourage that large young audience of TikTok to look for potential careers in security. Furthermore, it will also help raise awareness while we are sure this might not be the only reason.

The hidden reason behind might be to highlight TikTok separation from its originators, the Chinese, since they already cost TikTok quite a fortune when its main region, India, blocked the platform due to its ties with the country. This also means that TikTok will no longer be under the Chinese influence, hence expects to provide a completely nonpolitical experience.

TikTok will not only sponsor the Games but will also sponsor the US team taking part in the Games. Roland Cloutier, the chief of security of TikTok will be an active part of the board of these Games. The active participation along with the heavy sponsorship makes us quite dubious of the platform, but lets be optimistic and hope its for the better good.

While the TikTok investigations and the sell-off due to the Chinese influence has been put on hold, with the government focusing on Facebook for the time being, it won't be long until Biden turns his head in this direction potentially hinting TikTok's demise - the sole reason for our skepticism regarding this sponsorship deal.

TikTok hopes that getting mixed up in the security itself might have one of the two outcomes. It might either prove its worth by being subjected to such a vulnerable region and gain the trust of the government or it might actually temper with the security now that it has such a huge hold of it. We sincerely hope its the former but even if its the latter, we sincerely expect TikTok to stay around intact for a long time.

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