Clubhouse back on its popularity track after launching its Android Version

Every time a social application or a feature gets popular, other platforms make it their business to create similar versions. The same happened with Clubhouse, when the audio social application rose up, Snapchat came up with Spotlight, Twitter came up with Spaces and Facebook came up with their own audio-based feature.

All of these had an upper hand over Clubhouse, because while Clubhouse was only limited to iOS users and was an invite only application, the remaining applications launched their versions on both Apple and Android and did not require invite links.

Hence, Clubhouse’s popularity died down as users switched to other more convenient forms of audio conversation platforms.

However, Clubhouse is now back on track after the social giant introduced their Android version and its popularity rose up again.

In their weekly report, Clubhouse mentioned that they are now hosting around 600,000 rooms per day, while back in May before their Android version release, the numbers were at a maximum 300,000. The numbers have started picking up drastically and the social giant has added over 10 million users since May which is a great step up from its statistics in between March to May.

Since now that Clubhouse is available in both Android and iOS versions, the application has moved its focus into rising in popularity in India. The reason for taking this step now is that India is a mostly Android dominated region and the application version in Android was important before making a move there and also because India is a pretty big country with over 1.3 billion people in population, and though the region has over 100languages spoken there, a vast majority understands a lot of those language and hence the apps popularity in that region will be great source of revenue for them.

Apart from this, with its rising popularity Clubhouse decided that it needed to change a few of things on its application and hence now the tech giant is changing its notifications update to 1/3 current volume, through which they will be able to notify users with more valid and useful information related to the application.

It will be updating its complimentary chat option and now users will be able to start a chat through just swiping and has introduced new archive options.

Changes in club management will also be made where club members instead of labeling “followers” will be labeled as “members” and new “leaders” will also be elected by Admins to manage the club management, host and schedule events. However, they will not be able to edit club settings, the name of the club and add or remove members.

It is great that Clubhouse is finally getting its well-deserved popularity back and we hope that all these new features and the application itself is loved by the public as much as efforts that have gone in it.

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