Twitter rolls out a new feature that enables users to login using third-party apps (including Apple and Google)

Twitter recently joined the league of LinkedIn, Pinterest, and similar social media apps that let you continue with or link a third-party account when signing up. It will also allow users to use their Apple Ids or Google services to log into their Twitter accounts or create one. This can take place by linking your third-party account with your current id; however, there is a single condition; the email needs to be the same.

The feature was only available in the beta version at first, as all features are, however is available in much more regions now. Although the version is not available everywhere, multiple users have reported signing in using third-party ids. This led to the discovery that the process is the exact same as others, meaning you simply need to log in, without the need for any extra credentials, no need for even passwords.

The Google account can be accessed through the web as well as through your mobile however the options are a tad bit limited when it comes to iOS. Logging in through Apple is only available on the phone and not on the web at the moment although Twitter promises the exception is only temporary. Furthermore, the desktop Mac version does not facilitate either of the logins for now.

Apple also has certain limitations once again when it comes to android users. Logging in on an android device by an account that is linked to an Apple account is impossible. The option simply does not appear and the traditional one doesn't seem to work at all. We can say the platforms are being a little biased here.

Also, users can't change their passwords yet if the account has been created using an Apple account. This is the reason why web users can't change their passwords either since Twitter isn't supporting the Apple login on desktops yet. We're quite disappointed how Twitter decided to leave such a huge loophole and launched the update anyways, pretty unlikely of Twitter.

Since Apple needs to be included as an option in apps when concerning third-party logins, it is not a surprise that Google logins and Apple logins are different stories. Apple has always been a tad bit complicated about everything, making it difficult to work with. But the updates being launched by Apple are sometimes better and way trendy than regular android ones, the reason why each platform facilitates the company regardless of its list of complexities.

We look forward to logging in with Google and Apple on all devices soon. Twitter has been picking up all the good bits from different platforms, adding them to its own concoction and we can't wait to see what it has in store for us next.

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