Instagram is testing a feature to create a list of people and then mute their posts and stories if preferred

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms where we every day see thousands of pictures, videos, and posts of different people. We like some pictures and posts of many people but yes that’s true that we do not want to see posts of some people who we do not like. The platform is now working on creating a list of those users and we will be able to mute both of their stories and posts. That will be an interesting feature as Facebook and WhatsApp already boasts about it, but now it is the time for Instagram. The platform wants to build a place where everyone feels comfortable.

Alessandro Paluzzi, an app researcher, has recently tweeted about this upcoming option, further, he shared three screenshots of the creating list options, and further you can add the title of the list too if you want. However, the launch of this feature is not confirmed yet by Instagram as the platform has not announced the option yet but it is hoped that it will be rolled out soon. Although, if we create a list and mute stories and posts of people. They will still be able to view yours until you prevent them from seeing your story by going to the settings, where they cannot see your stories and posts. You will also be able to edit that list once you have created it. What best part of this feature is when you mute the stories and posts of any users the platform will not let them know about that so you can secretly avoid their viewing their posts.

This new option will help users to spend some quality time on the platform without being irritating by viewing the post of people you do not want to see. This option will give more control to people and after creating the lists of users, they will see the three-dot lines on the top right side of the screen with an option to mute their stories and posts for the future. This will also save time so you do not need to put the posts of users one by one on mute, instead, you can create a group of people at one time.

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