Twitter Spaces adds a new co-host feature that helps manage rooms more easily

Twitter Spaces has been a hit since it launched a few months ago and has even managed to leave behind the original creators for audio conversation Clubhouse.

The rising popularity was due to the fact that Twitter has a large user base and that Twitter Spaces work on both Android and iOS devices unlike Clubhouse which used to work just on Apple devices and have introduced its Android version just recently.

However, the rising popularity means a lot more users are being derived to Spaces and hence the company decided it needed to bring a few changes.

As of the new update in Spaces, things look relatively easier for conversation hosts because now audio hosts can appoint to co-host to work along with them in maintaining a smooth session on their live conversation.

While the limit of the people in an audio session was only ten, the co-hosts will be appointed apart from the 10 listeners which means that the first change this new update will be bring in is levelling up the number of users in a conversation by two. Apart from this the co-hosts will have a few responsibilities on their shoulders.

The co-hosts will have all the same advantages as a host does and will be able to speak themselves and select users to speak during the conversation. They will even be able to kick people out if someone tries to disrupt the peaceful conditions of the Space or tries to do something which is against the policy of the application along with having a lot more controls.

However, while these controls do give them a sense of power, they will still have some limitations and will be deprived of a few tasks which only the original host of the conversation will be able to do. The co-hosts will not be able to appoint other users as co-hosts and will also not be able to end the conversation. All these regulations will still be controlled by the main hosts.

This new update however hasn't rolled out yet and will be making its appearance in the coming weeks. However, such quick updates on Spaces shows us that how well the audio conversation application is doing for Twitter and we cannot wait to see what else the tech giant has in store for us.

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