TikTok’s new collaboration with Vimeo and Canva will change the outlook of marketing on the app

TikTok has easily managed to climb the top of the charts since its launch as the popularity of the application rose and millions of users hoped on the trend of creating videos and expressing themselves through their content.

You know what a popularity of an application means right? It means that the more the users, the more likely the app is to attract marketers and advertisers on the platform, because through big platforms, advertisers can reach a great number of people.

TikTok realizes that it is now the number one choice for advertisers and marketers and hence the company is working towards introducing tools which will make marketing on their app more fun and attractive.

One recent move for this that TikTok has made, is the company’s new partnership with two very popular platforms’ namely Vimeo and Canva.

While Vimeo is used popularly for uploading and sharing videos (a decent alternative to YouTube), the TikTok users will be able to access the “Vimeo Create” tool on the platform which Vimeo had introduced in February last year. The Vimeo create has a variety of new tools which will help users in creating and editing their videos in such an attractive way that it will be a standout content among the millions of videos that circulate around TikTok and the best part about this is that users can directly upload their edited and finalized videos from Vimeo to TikTok.

This is a great opportunity for users who do not want to buy subscription of high end editing application because it is way out of their budget and the subscription on Vimeo Create not only gives you access to a variety of new tools; it is budget friendly too. How cool is that.

Moving on from Vimeo, another great platform we would like to talk about is Canva which now has worked on 50 TikTok related templates for users and saving their time in the editing process. The best part about the tool is that it is extremely user friendly, and so even if you are new to the application it will not take much time for you to get a hang of Canva.

It is great to see TikTok being so woke about the fact that is the number one downloaded application on the chart which means it is in the public eye and hence is trying to make things easier for its users, advertisers which simultaneously is also benefitting the company. TikTok, is rising day by day and we don’t see an end to the popularity any time soon, so we are sure we are about to see a lot of new collaborations and tools in the near future and we cannot wait to see what they will be.

Until then if you are an advertiser and still haven’t used TikTok as a means of your marketing, think again because times and ways of marketing have surely changed.

Photo: SOPA Images via Getty Images

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