Data shows, email marketing is a highly effective and less-expensive medium for small and medium sized-business to grow their customers

For the promotion of small and medium-sized businesses, SMS and social media are considered effective sources, but one should not neglect the importance of emails while marketing the business as it is currently a highly effective tool when it comes to attracting customers. The figures show that almost half of the world’s population use email and it can be a great way for brands to reach customers. Recently, research has been conducted by EmailToolTesters about the email advertising approaches and tactics to emphasis on the topic.

There is no doubt that many marketers suggest connecting with customers on social media platforms because 4.48 billion people use these platforms. On the other hand, the stats shows that there are currently 4+ Billion emails users from all over the world. The data further shows that over 320 Billion emails run around every single day. If you are thinking that sending an email for the purpose of marketing will get no fruitful result, you may be wrong. The data gave some astonishing facts that return on email marketing investment is currently 4400 percent. It means in simple words that if you spend 1 Dollar on email marketing you can get 44 Dollars in return for your investment.

However, there can be several questions in mind regarding which email gets the best result, for instance, what type of email people usually open. The data further gave the answers to these general questions that welcome emails have the highest opening ratio of 82.21 percent. Triggered emails come at the second number, having the opening ratio of 44 percent. Regrettably, most of the small businesses use email newsletter that has the minimum opening ratio of 20.48 percent. These small businesses use these newsletters because they can be convenient to make and a cheap way to connect with customers. However, no one can ignore the importance of these newsletters if they are sent in an efficient way.

You can start your advertising campaign with an email and then you can subsequently move to sequel emails. Social media platforms, or advertising through SMS depending on the involvements of customers. There are some facts for creating an engaging email. Usually, customers like to read only short emails under 200 words. The figures further show that 14.8 percent of the emails are considered junk by the customers.

People mostly check their emails on the desktop; therefore, the desktop opening ratio for emails is 76 percent while on mobile opening ratio is just 24 percent. While sending the advertising email to customers, it is better to add the recipient name because it will increase the opening ratio a bit as the non-personalized emails have an OR of 19 percent while personalized emails have an OR of 22 percent or more. Further businesses should forward their email during their prime time for purchases to target their customers. Remember do not use headlines as clickbait. Use various metrics to measure the performance of email marketing for improvement.

The data shows that the Non-Profit organization has the highest email opening ratio as compared to other industries such as tourism and traveling, Homebuilding, Art & culture, restaurant, consultant & training, etc. however; retail businesses have the lowest opening email ratio.

Final Thoughts:

If you consider these suggestions while sending an advertising email to your customer, it will surely increase the chance of opening your email and will also increase the engagement of your customers as well.
Email Marketing Statistics – Everything You Need to Know

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