Facebook, in collaboration with ‘2Africa consortium’, to extend four new branches for Africa and Middle east in its subsea network

Facebook in the last two decades have completely revolutionized the social media industry, this is largely due to Facebook’s uniqueness and its usability that has made it stand out since the start. Facebook as of now is the biggest social media platform out there and has an estimate of over 2.89 billion monthly active users, which are numbers bigger than any other social network has ever achieved (in current time). While Facebook continues to record outstanding growth with each passing year, the company rather than sticking to just social media, is constantly widening its horizon and is investing in newer projects and markets.

A recent example of Facebook investing into newer markets is when it announced the 2Africa project in 2020, the project was aimed at creating a huge under sea network of cables that would lay around 37 thousand kilometers cables. Which are aimed at connecting Middle east through Saudi Arabia and the Europe through Egypt, while also connecting some sixteen African nations. Social giant ‘Facebook’ launched the project alongside multiple telecommunication giants such as China Mobile International, MTN Global Connect, Orange, STC, Telecom Egypt, Vodafone and WIOCC making the whole initiative a consortium. The project according to Facebook, will be completed by late 2023 or in the first few months of 2024. Once the project is completed, it will prove to be beneficial for both middle eastern and African countries, it is suggested that the subsea cables installed by 2Africa project will serve more than all the current one’s in Africa.

The project has committedly been working towards providing more and more subsea cables to both the continents. Recently Facebook announced that alongside the 2Africa project, it is planning to build four more subsea branches, these new branches will serve more areas in the African and middle eastern region. These new branches will originate from Seychelles, Nigeria, Comoros and Angola, all four branches from these regions will then connect to the cable extension near Canary Island.

While COVID 19 pandemic has been a disaster for business and development projects around the world, it doesn’t seem to affect the 2Africa project, since the consortium announced that its completion time period is the same as before. Another reason for early expectations of completion is the fast development work on Egyptian and Mediterranean side of project, both the sides are almost completed.

The consortium has selected ‘Nokia’s Alcatel Submarine Networks’ (ASN) to install the four new branches. The ASN is a leader in its industry and is expected to complete the project quickly.

On the other hand, Facebook also announced that it's collaborating with Apricot subsea cable system, along with other global partners to deliver the much-needed internet capacity, redundancy, and reliability which will ultimately expand connections in the Asia-Pacific region (particularly in Japan, Taiwan, Guam, the Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore).

With the COVID 19 pandemic coming in, the world especially African countries that experience low bandwidth issue have realized the importance if internet and connectivity. With the 2African project consistently providing the whole world with important cables, will give every human out there a better and cost internet which in the long run will surely contribute towards the betterment of technology and the internet.

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