Report suggests, over 50 percent of exploit sales in the underground market are for Microsoft products

Ever since the internet took off, people have become largely dependent on it. Internet surely makes lives easier and simpler for us. While the internet and technology sure are important inventions. They have a certain drawback and that is hacking. Hacking largely started when the internet became a common thing. Since then hackers have been using a variety of different methods to get inside user device, some examples include; making users download malware files or making them input their sensitive information using social engineering and phishing attacks. Hackers also turn to the dark web market place to buy different hacks and product exploits that does their work for them. A recent study by TrendMicro about exploit sales on the dark web is likely to make many Microsoft users worry about their data and privacy.

The study analyzed exploit sales in the underground market for almost 2 years and then came forward with a detailed report. The report individually marked the sales of exploits of each product. The report was a big shock for Microsoft users since the company’s products acquired 51% of this report.

The report revealed that the product for which most exploits are sold is ‘Microsoft office’. Exploit sales for Microsoft office were 23% of all product exploits sold in the underground market. A large reason behind these sales is the wide usage of Microsoft office products such as MS word and Excel and are trusted by everyone. Hackers use this to their advantage and often email these files to users. Users open them thinking that they’d do no harm however once users the file, a malware gets installed into their devices.

After Microsoft Office, the product that has the second largest numbers of exploits sold is the infamous ‘Microsoft Windows’. Windows amount to almost 73% of the world’s PC users thus giving it one huge user base. The report revealed that almost 12% of the exploits sold on the underground market are for Microsoft windows. With exploits for Microsoft Windows hackers can easily get access to various computers and can also gain the admin access thus allowing them to steal sensitive data and information.

The product that has the third most numbers of exploits sold is yet again a Microsoft product named ‘Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)’. Microsoft RDP exploits allows hackers to get into user devices and use it as their own which makes it largely dangerous. Another thing that makes the RDP dangerous is the fact that it can travel from one computer to another easily.

Apart from these three products other Microsoft products such as Internet explorer and Microsoft Share point were on the list. Exploits for internet explorer and Microsoft Share made up a total of 3%, giving Microsoft the biggest share on this list.

While internet and technology use continues to grow so does hacking. The report also suggested that the amount of exploits sold for almost all products have largely increased over the years. If you are someone that now feels worried about hackers getting into their devices, then stop worrying since correct anti viruses and security software’s can easily stop them.

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