The Climate Crisis is Worse Than You Think According to This Report

It is widely known that the climate crisis is one of the worst threats to our species because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up making the planet virtually uninhabitable. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that we often don’t really know the full extent of the crisis that is currently going on.

The IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) has recently released a report that puts things into perspective, and suffice it to say that things are a lot worse than people seem to realize. Various kinds of weather events that are of an extreme nature are starting to become increasingly common. The report was compiled by 230 researchers that belong to over 60 different countries, so in a lot of ways it might just be the best option we have when it comes to understanding how much longer we have left before things start to get really bad.

The heat waves that were seen all across the world are seen as a sign of the impending climate crisis that is quite quickly starting to seem like it will end up being more or less impossible to reverse in any meaningful manner. There have also been massive wildfires that have broken out all across Greece as well as Australia, two countries that are known for their otherwise temperate climate.

Extreme heat events have started to become more and more common virtually everywhere in the world. Flash floods, torrential rains as well as a wide range of other types of extreme weather events are starting to become commonplace. These events are having a very real impact on people’s lives to the point where many individuals are starting to die as a result of them.

This crisis has been caused in no small part by industrialization. While industrialization was crucial for helping to make people wealthier as well as extend their lives and boosting their health, the emissions that this process created ended up trapping heat in the earth’s atmosphere which is what is resulting in the widespread damage that we are seeing today.

The limit that climate scientists have placed on the kind of temperature increase we will be able to manage without too much damage being done is 1.5 degrees. Unfortunately, we have already seen an increase of 1.1 degrees, which means that the human race is quite quickly running out of time and things might start to get a lot worse if we do not start to take action as soon as we possibly can.

People that doubt climate change should go through the report and see just how different the world is because of how little we have cared about this process. Plenty of people are going to notice that things are starting to change in their locales as well, so it is very important that you start to prepare yourself for various kinds of inclement weather. It is also essential that people start to write to their representative’s in government so that they can start to fix matters from their own end otherwise the climate crisis will end up becoming something that we are simply unable to fix in the long run.

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