Top 3 Apps For Learning Skills Online In 2021

At the start of the pandemic, everyone was doing at least one online course. It seemed like the perfect time to learn a new skill, considering we were stuck inside all day. However, many online courses lie unfinished. If your passion tapered off as the pandemic wore on, you're not alone.

This may lead you to be wary of trying again. Are you really going to be better at following through in 2021? The good news is that, with the help of some great apps, you can learn skills in a sustainable way.

These are the top 3 apps for learning skills online in 2021.

1. Lingopie

There are many reasons to learn a language, including the fact that the process itself is good for your brain. Whatever the reason you want to learn a language, you've probably already tried the most well-known apps. No matter how often an owl threatened you, you just did not keep it up.

With Lingopie, you don’t have to worry about finding the motivation. Lingopie works by providing you access to thousands of hours of foreign language TV. Each episode of a series has interactive subtitles, so that you can pause and learn more about certain words. Not only do you learn a language in a way that is enjoyable and relaxing, you also get to learn how it is spoken by real people.

Lingopie is currently the best way to learn Italian on your own. It also offers the best way to learn French, Spanish, Russian, Portugese, and German. More languages are said to be in the pipeline.

2. Melodics

Have you always wanted to learn to play music? Maybe you think it’s too late, and wish you had learned an instrument as a kid. However, anyone can learn to play music, even with no prior experience.

In 2021, you don’t need an expensive and complicated instrument to play music. You can buy a midi keyboard at an affordable price and learn to play by connecting it to your computer. Melodics provides comprehensive courses that teach you how to play keyboard, drum pads, and an electronic drum kit.

The Melodics app follows you as you try and play warmups, exercises, and songs, tracking your successful notes or taps and giving you immediate feedback. It is a fun and effective way to learn. You can give their free lessons a try with your computer keyboard if you're wondering whether you’ll enjoy it before purchasing a midi keyboard.

3. Lumosity

If you don’t want to learn a particular skill or subject, but still want to keep your brain healthy, Lumosity is for you. Lumosity provides puzzles that test your problem solving skills, keeping you busy and interested. As time goes by, you get better at solving these puzzles and your brain gets the exercise it needs.

Lumosity is marketed as a kind of gym for your brain. It was designed with help from scientific experts, and is extremely popular. It is a way to keep your mind at work without feeling like you are doing boring or exhausting tasks.

Photo: Wayhomestudio / Freepik
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