Here Are the Biggest Worries in the World By Country

While there are certain concerns that seem to be universal in that the vast majority of people would share them regardless of who they are or where they come from, different countries will often have their own peak concerns which should be taken into account. Many of these concerns can also seem to be a bit strange. For example, one of the biggest concern for people living in the US is crime and violence which makes sense since the US is a country that has very loose regulations around firearms and this has made violent crimes a lot more frequent and common that they should be.

However, looking in global perspective, even people living in Sweden, one of the safest and least violent countries in the world, said that violent crime was their primary concern. 63% of Swedes said that this was the case, which indicates that concerns don’t always have to do with the reality of the country that one might be living in.

Looking at South Africa and Italy, the biggest concerns in these countries seem to be unemployment with 62% and 55% of respondents saying so respectively. The coronavirus was obviously going to be high up on the list for a lot of countries but these concerns mostly seem to be centered in East Asian as well as Southeast Asian nations.

For example, 70% of Malaysians said that their biggest concern happened to be the pandemic so the entire nation seems to be united behind this major worry. The charts below from Ipsos can tell you a lot more about the kinds of concerns that people all around the world tend to have. You can get a pretty intimate look into what’s on the top of people’s minds, and while the coronavirus does play a huge role here there are plenty of other things that people worry about too.

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