Switching from iPhone to Android? WhatsApp Will Now Let You Keep Your Message History

A major issue that WhatsApp users have noted is that if they wanted to switch to Android from iOS or vice versa they would have to part ways with their message history. This is because of the fact that your message history is usually backed up to either iCloud or Google Drive depending on what OS you had initially been using, and this has caused a lot of frustration which will now be alleviated due to the reason that WhatsApp will now facilitate inter-platform message history conversion.

This migration tool is nothing new to be discussed since WhatsApp has been hinting at it since April at the very least, but it has only now been announced officially by the company, just last week. With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that this tool is most likely being created in collaboration with Samsung since the smartphone manufacturer has discussed how people migrating from iOS will be able to bring their message history along with them.

The thing that a lot of people are going to be frustrated about is that this feature is currently only available in the foldable phones that Samsung is about to release pretty soon. This might be a way for Samsung to drive more sales for this phone, but it should also be noted that limiting the migration capabilities to just these two phones is going to prevent a lot of users from being able to access it.

WhatsApp has not really said much about its plans to roll this tool or feature out to other Android phones, however, Wabetainfo has noticed that the app is rolling out the moving chats feature on iOS, so it seems like Apple users (who want to move to Android) are going to have to wait a lot. While, people switching from Android to iPhone are not getting any such feature for now.

In a sperate blog post, WABI also noted that Whatsapp is also rolling out the large previews for links when sharing in chat.

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