Study reveals interesting facts about human’s social traits and their relation with machine interaction

Living in today’s world you might have heard about the social distinctions known as extrovert and introverts. The word extrovert is used to describe a social and outgoing person whereas an introvert as one that loves to spend time alone. While both these words are used to describe people’s social approach towards other humans, but have you ever wondered if people have the same behavior while communicating with technology as they have with humans.

Keeping these questions in mind a group conducted a research regarding this and found interesting insights, the results were later published in a computer journal.

The researchers that conducted the study knew that with increase in technology and the use of internet, communication with technology is significantly increasing, which is why they wanted to know just about how comfortable, different categories of people are while communicating with websites.

This research was conducted through an interesting experiment. The experiment was carried out by setting up four experimental conditions and assigned each of the 99 participants one of those conditions. All of the 99 participants were asked to browse through a movie news website that incase of some participants had communication tools whereas in case of other it didn’t.

The participants with communication tools were given two of them, one was a comment box which is a (computer to computer) ‘CMC’ system and the other one was a hyperlink which is a ‘HCI’ (Human to computer interaction). The participants were then told to select a movie from the site within three minutes.

After the experiments, the participants were asked multiple questions on their level of introversion, based on which the researchers concluded the study.

The study concluded that people generally liked websites that included communication tools that facilitated interactions between different customers, these tools are commonly called (CMC’s).

While this was the combined result of the study, it differed in the case of extroverted men since the study found out that extroverted males prefer websites that include communication tools which enable them to communicate with the computer, commonly known as HCI (human to computer interaction). However extroverted females were found to be lesser interested in HCI and preferred sites with CMC tools.

These findings can be really beneficial for businesses and developers that are creating websites targeted towards a particular demographic, for example an Ecommerce business that sells gaming equipment and has a majority of male buyers should consider including more ‘human to computer interaction’ in their website. Since this will make their website more appealing and interactive to their targeted audience thus increasing sales.

Yan Huang, who is the first author of the research paper, said that people who are extroverted and outgoing in real life show the same behavior with technology, she said that extroverted people are seen to be more interested in a machine’s interactive potential, however, extroverted women’s at most times were seen to not show interest in HCI. She added that this was unique since extroversion in men’s and women’s were found to be different.

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