Adobe Photoshop in its recent updates brings the long awaited Magic Wand and Healing Brush tool to its iPad version

If you are someone that is actively involved in media, photography and graphic designing industry, then you might have faced situations such as wanting to remove an object in an image and sometimes completely changing its background or design problems such as editing a poster or a drawing. While thinking about solving all these problems one name might pop up in your mind and that is ‘Adobe Photoshop’. Adobe Photoshop since its release has revolutionized the graphics industry. In the last 31 years, Adobe Photoshop due to its unique and effective features have been able to capture a large user base while also releasing its versions on multiple devices such as the Apple iPad.

When talking about the features that Adobe Photoshop offers, the most prominent names will be the Magic Wand and the Healing Brush tool. Both of these features have been on the Adobe Photoshop PC version for the longest time now. These features however, were not released on the Adobe Photoshop iPad version until the Photoshop’s iPad version’s recent update that alongside these two long awaited features brought more interesting changes to the application.

Users will be able to use both these features with their Apple Pencil, both of these features are used to correct imperfections in images. Using these features on iPad, users will be to correct imperfections by taking sampled pixels from the image and then blend it into the parts that requires retouching. Apart from that these features will also allow users to do things such as extracting background objects, adjust image for tolerance, select areas based on color and select irregular shaped areas, all of which will increase precision and image result on the Adobe Photoshop iPad version.

The new update has brought about another interesting feature named ‘Canvas projection’ that allows users to project their iPad to monitors and Television’s through HDMI or type C USB cable thus allowing them to lay back and edit or design on a much bigger screen thus enhancing the experience.

Apart from these new features, Photoshop on iPad have a long list features that it is planning to release in upcoming months.

First of which is in the user’s favorite sky replacement feature, following the update users have a new long list of skies, while also allowing them to import 5000 skies at one time. A new ‘Transform Warp’ with an independent Bezier handle and a New Photoshop discovery panel are also included in the list.

These planned features will surely increase the already topped user experience on iPad’s Photoshop version.

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