Reddit’s new update allows users to control spam messages, further increasing the user experience and safety the previous updates brought about

Reddit is a platform that is not as widely used as compared to other social network, but have managed to grow its user base over a long period of time. Reddit has also been able to pull a lot of famous creators to it and have loyal users that will surely stick to the platform for a long time. While Reddit is surely a smaller platform when compared to the giant platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Reddit since the past few years have been actively working on updates to makes its platform more user friendly, so that it could pull more users.

With COVID19 and the pandemic coming in, Reddit alongside other social media platforms, experienced a huge growth in its number of users. This growth was a great push for Reddit and the company knew that in order to sustain the new users, it has to bring out new interesting updates and changes. The company has done just that and since the last one year has brought out updates on the platform. Recently Reddit has once again brought about some interesting new changes to its platform.

The new update by Reddit allows users to reduce spam messages. It does so by offering users the ability to mark invites as spam or choose to ignore, accept and block them. Users can do so by swiping left on invites, once users swipes left on an invite, it will give them these options.

Reddit also brought out different updates that improve their search experience. The company made the search results better by running a series of experiments that improve the results by using less restrictive matching, apart from this Reddit also added spell suggest in its search bar.

With social platforms giving more attention towards making their platforms safe, Reddit also made changes to make its search bar safe by including a ‘safe search’ toggle in the search bar.

Apart from these changes, Reddit has also addressed issues regarding its video player. Reddit in its blog post wrote about the video player saying that they are trying to make it better. They also said that they have made some mistakes while creating it, which is the reason why some users are unable to comment on videos. Reddit later in the blog post assured users that it will fix the problem as soon as possible.

Reddit is bringing about a lot of changes which will surely sustain its growth and attract new users to the platform and we cannot wait to see what else does the platform has in store for us.

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