Google and Facebook reportedly engaged in illicit activities once again

A lawsuit against Google claims that the company gives its lead competitor Facebook extra information on how to bag advertisement auctions.

Facebook has been in and out of the court for the last few months without a break. The company keeps conducting one misdemeanor after the other. Facebook indeed leads with the largest user base and has the most number of leading subsidizing platforms however the recent turn of events and the forthcoming of the company's evil acts makes us doubt the ways it achieved this giant feat. When it's recent lawsuit on unethically obtaining client information for advertisement purposes wasn't even stale yet, Facebook has been bombarded with yet another bucket of claims and this time another major platform is involved.

Two Massachusetts companies led the lawsuit this time around, claiming Facebook was getting special benefits in the advertisement auction from Google. The unfair advantages were the result of an illegal deal between both the giants for obvious reasons. The lawsuit calls for action against the advertisers benefitting from this agreement.

The lawsuit has a rather strong hold and high chances against the mega corporation since Facebook is already involved in a rather scandalous affair concerning the theft of user information without their consent. The subject of both the lawsuits being the same, advertisement, rids Facebook from the benefit of doubt.

Getting Google involved is also a result of Facebook's dirty play as the two companies go back to when Facebook threatened Google by putting its superiority in danger. It did so by backing an uncommon ad technique also known as 'header bidding'. This would enable advertisers to buy and sell ads without Google's interference. Of course, this did put Google's dominance in jeopardy hence resulting in the two competitors partnering up to prevent Google's demise but in turn for something else.

Facebook did not directly approach Google after that, instead Google offered up a deal to Facebook in order to save its stance. Facebook decided to take its hands off after being agreed to having a scoop of the 'special information' that would allow Facebook to win auctions, get a better market, and so forth. This deal ended up getting the companies another lawsuit, this time being backed by 10 different states.

Both the companies ended up dividing the market between to benefit accordingly. Both of them knew the risk of the affair they were getting involved with along with the knowledge that this wasn't going to be in the dark for long.

When Google was asked to comment on the matter, it brushed it off by claiming it was an attack, a misleading one, on its company's tech business. We all know better than who's attacking whom here. The statement Google provided was as good as nothing but it was definitely better than the silence Facebook decided to observe this time around.

Google is now in the midst of multiple antitrust lawsuits with its last one being backed by 36 states. In such deep waters, we doubt if Google will be able to swim for long.

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