Reddit introduces a short-form video feed that is quite similar to the TikTok and Reels of Instagram with a new video button available on the iOS app

TikTok is growing steadily and many other social platforms are getting inspired by the concepts of short form video, not only that they are also trying to copy such trends. For instance, Instagram introduced Reels after getting stimulated by TikTok 15-seconds videos and Snapchat rolled out the spotlight. Now Reddit is planning to expand its platform from just discussions to short-form video making that is quite similar to the TikTok video format. The users of the Reddit app may notice a new button on the right side of the search option if they have opened this application, which has started to be unveiled for iOS users this Friday.

You can also swipe up to see more videos just like you do on TikTok. While watching these videos, there are different options available such as commenting, sharing, and Upvoting or Downvoting so that you can give feedback about the video that whether you liked it or not. The application will further show videos of those users that you have subscribed to and the other types of videos related to your interest. However, the platform has not introduced a fresh UI rather it was working on this format for more than a year. However, before this type of interface, users usually watch the videos by clicking on them while scrolling instead of encouraging findings of other societies.

The video format of Reddit will put out content from Subreddits that you have followed. It will also bring some of the video content that you have not even followed, however, that is strange because how can Reddit bring such content that you are not interested in. The platform has also refused to talk about whether its video player will work through an algorithm to display content and will give recommendations. There is nothing surprising as the platform has decided to focus on its video format so that it can also become a part of the race besides just discussion. Other social platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat is also competing with TikTok so why not Reddit? There are also chances that the platform may power technology from Dubsmash that it acquired last year.

Another interesting part has come out that the users of Reddit are not much into TikTok because many anti-TikTok memes can be seen on this app. It is surely going to be interesting news to hear that how the Reddit community has reacted to this video format. There is no particular data that when it will come on Android devices.

H/T: TechCrunch.
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