Changes to Snapchat’s Payment Program Prompt Creator Exodus

Snapchat has tried to woo a lot of creators into making content on their platform for a while now, and the creation of Spotlight was a big part of this. Meant to be a response to TikTok’s growing popularity, Spotlight was also a way for content creators to earn a ton of money with Snapchat announcing that it would be spreading a total payment of $1 million per day among various creators who created videos that achieved some amount of virality.

This obviously resulted in a lot of users coming to Snapchat and trying this platform out, but Snapchat has now changed its payment program and this is resulting in a lot of creators exiting the platform, as reported by CNBC. Instead of the $1 million a day that creators could earn a piece of, Snapchat has now said that it will be paying a really vague “millions per month” which is definitely lower than the $30 million that it was paying previously.

A lot of creators have said that payments from the platform are no longer reliable. Whereas previously they could expect a hefty payment for a popular video, now it appears that payments are being handed out somewhat randomly. Creators need a secure source of income and this is not something that facilitates a cash flow that they can rely on.

This is why creators are migrating en masse to platforms like YouTube that have an actual ad program that they can profit from. Snapchat’s attempts to compete with TikTok might not be working as well as they hoped, and this might have something to do with how people use the platform which is usually somewhat private rather than the content scroll that apps like TikTok tend to see. Snapchat’s decision to change its payment program might not have been the smartest move with all things having been considered and taken into account.

Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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