Twitter brings a pause to its verification program, after accidentally verifying fake accounts

One social network that has always stood apart from all others is ‘Twitter’. While other social media platforms were busy in catering to informal socializing, Twitter came out and introduced itself as a platform where formal conversations, debates and discussions can be done. This allowed Twitter to capture a massive user base and has allowed it to grow ever since. Now Twitter is used by almost every influential person out there and also serves as a tool to spread important messages and announcements.

While blowing up and turning into a celebrity or a famous/influential person is surely a great experience, that only few get to live. People start to recognize you, like your work and become interested in you. Another important thing that tags along and makes this process even more special is the Twitter blue tick verification. The blue tick verification makes the account stand out from other Twitter accounts and proves its authenticity, while also making the account owner feel special.

Most people after gaining a significant amount of audience receive the blue tick verification. However, Twitter doesn’t automatically let users have the blue tick, it is done through the ‘Twitter verification program’ in which users have to first fill in an application form through which they apply for verification. This process of applying for verification has been working for Twitter since a long time, however recently the platform has, yet again, paused giving blue tick verifications.

This recent pause in the verification process came after things took a bad turn for Twitter when it accidentally granted blue tick verification to fake accounts that applied for it. Twitter admitted this and said that it accidentally verified few accounts that seemed to belong to a ‘botnet’. Following the announcement Twitter decided to pause the verification program and said that the company will now work upon making the whole process better and more accurate so that no fake account gets verified in the future.

Well, if you are someone that recently applied for the verification process and is now worried about it being ignored then worry not, since Twitter alongside the announcement confirmed that while it will not allow new application for some time, it will however continue reviewing the current applications. When talking about resuming the process, Twitter revealed that it will start continuing it in a few weeks.

Previously in 2017, Twitter paused the verification process for the first time, when it received criticism for verifying the organizer of an opposed movement. Twitter was now back with a new version of it, however things weren’t really good this time either.

Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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