Digital Chemistry Starts At Google With An Interactive Periodic Table In The Search

Over the years, students have had to print posters of the periodic table and carry it with them across classes to use it. If not that, I have had to go through the trouble of zooming in to the Google search images to get a value of the periodic table and at times getting the wrong values as the result of disturbed pixels. Even though there are several pages that show a periodic table for use, the interactivity is only limited to the full name and the atomic number of the element on the table.

Google has recognized the troubles of the students and introduced an interactive, subtext, and extremely detailed periodic table with links to Wikipedia pages for more specific information as it covers the basic information about the element.

Google's periodic table

This new feature can be accessed by searching the "periodic table" on the Google search bar and then clicking on the 3D periodic table option on the right hand side of the page. This would lead you to the table where the table is interactive on touch or tap as it can be accessed on both mobile phone devices and computers as well.

Digital Chemistry Starts At Google With An Interactive Periodic Table In The Search

The interaction reveals the 3D model of the element along with basic pointers such as the number of protons, group, and the melting and boiling point amongst many. To make learning fun there is also a fun tidbit included to every element.

Alongside the interactive and engaging periodic table, Google has also introduced a few more updates termed as the Family Bell Reminders that was the first concept presented last year. These reminders would ring if there is a chore that needs to be done on the Family Calendar or there is something that is being called for. As often the complaint is received that mobile phones have brought gaps within families, digitalizing and Family Bell would have the users interact through these devices bringing in the essence of Family across.

It has also allowed Google to bring in new updates for the personal well being of the users. The first of these is yet to be released which will allow the user to set a routine after an alarm rings on their phone. This routine could include displaying the weather, the traffic, or even read out email updates, however, this is still under development and will be released in the near future after beta testing.

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