LinkedIn expands its platform by acquiring a 'how-to' video making app, Jumprope

In LinkedIn's recent pursuit to inspire more users to join the platform, it keeps creating better opportunities to let creativity shine. LinkedIn has been making changes to its tools by upgrading them and expanding the opportunity for growth through the LinkedIn learning region. The company recently acquired a video making platform that specializes in 'how-to' videos named Jumprope.

Jumprope is a popular video making platform, that let creators upload videos with the help of a wide range of tools and videos as well as still images. Along with the preset formulas and overlays, creators are able to finalize quality tutorials in no time.

The decision to combine a video-making platform in the regular job-seeking platform makes it seem like LinkedIn is trying to get more of the 'Domestika' and 'Patreon' vibes, seeing how the two platforms are perhaps the best platforms in terms of learning work.

Jumprope promises to exclusively work on the LinkedIn tools to better fit them with the video-creating app. The purpose is to create tools that are solely LinkedIn's however have the vast variability that Jumprope tools propose.

According to the CEO of Jumprope, learning can be a pretty tedious process, but an everlasting process nevertheless. He claims that to date, the know-how content has been a little difficult to get through, with long lists with only some managing to make it interesting much like wikiHow. To make the process easier, it is essential to include little hacks to show people how things are done. With the help of its tools, this platform plans to give something fruitful to LinkedIn, that we will see soon.

Although Jumprope isn't as popular as others, the platform harbors 2 million users and it now expects to cater the biggest family at LinkedIn. With Jumprope, LinkedIn plans to create more opportunities for creators to maximize engagement, creativity as well as increase revenue. The increase in sponsorship and advertising will make the platform a money-generating hub.

With the content being doubled on LinkedIn every year, since it is a popular learning platform, it has almost a 50% increase of new users annually, to check new courses out. To keep up with this, it needs to update its resources hence adding video options do seem like quite a smart move. This will add to the monetization opportunities with creativity juices flowing all over the place.

While for the separate app, Jumprope is going to be discontinued from 20th August, meaning the application will cease to exist and will become a permanent part of LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is on its way to surpass all competition including Patreon and Domestica. With its recent acquisition and updating, it surely will catch a lot more attention.

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