Tired of watching many ads on YouTube? Well here is the good news; the Platform is testing a new low-priced Premium Lite plan

You may have experienced such a situation when you are watching your favorite video on YouTube and suddenly multiple ads come on your screen, which makes you annoyed. If you are the one among those people who do not like to watch multiple advertisements while watching videos, it can be good news for you as the platform is planning to launch a “Premium Lite” plan in Europe that will allow you to watch videos without ads. You can pay 11.99 dollars every month to get rid of these irritating advertisements. Surely it is a budget-friendly plan and everyone can easily afford it.

A media outlet has also acknowledged the news of this affordable plan that was first surfaced on ResetEra forum. Currently, users in specific regions like Sweden, Norway and Finland can enjoy this low-priced plan. It is hoped that the platform will expand this test in other regions after getting feedback from the users. This plan has divided the premium plan into 40% price, similar to Student Tier from regular charges of 11.99 Euros to 6.99 Euros/month, that sounds interesting, but this plan will only give you the experience of watching videos without ads and will do nothing else. The complete Premium proposal allows you to not only watch ad-free videos but also enables people to offline download videos, Music, and the possibility to continue the video even you have opened the other applications. The platform has further announced that it is working on the same plan in other regions like Belgium, Denmark, and Norway with their native corresponding prices.

However, people have to pay 7.99 Euros for Netflix in many of those countries, and that shows the platform has offered an economical plan. People can watch ads-free videos through the premium lite plan on many devices such as Laptops, Smartphones, Desktops, and even on their smart televisions. It may be possible that this plan comes out with some additional features but has not been confirmed yet, but still, it is great news as the platform is offering new ways to free us from watching awful ads on every video. Now people do not have to use the ads blocker or anything else, they can easily avail this opportunity if they are from those selected regions, can pay a cheap amount, and enjoy the ad-free experience.

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