LinkedIn not only provides its users a budget friendly premium membership but it is now expanding the resources with the test of a Premium News feature

As per DigiDay, LinkedIn is working on a pilot program called LinkedIn Premium News. This new feature is basically a collaboration between Piano and LinkedIn.

Piano, is one of the largest pay wall provider in the media and is working with some pretty big names. This new collaboration feature will give users the accessibility to content websites which use Piano's Paywall Technology. Users will get five credits monthly which they can use to access pay wall content they find on LinkedIn and read it on the publishing website.

Considering that this feature is still new, it has not been launched for all Premium users yet and only a handful have access to it currently for testing purposes. However, reports from some company insiders is that the feature will be expanding to a couple more users in the coming weeks.

The company is not taking any subscription fee cut from the publishers but instead is providing them some high qualified leads for their own subscription products, which is great.

While a lot of people may assume that LinkedIn may not provide publishers with the same reach like Facebook. Their assumptions though might stand correct the point here is that LinkedIn isn't charging publishing companies head and neck for their content to be displayed by their users and LinkedIn users have increased greatly in the past few years currently standing at 740 million and so has its revenue by a good 25 percent.

Apart from this, thousands of premium user’s log in on LinkedIn every day and when come across a published content of their interest they are most likely to tap on it to read it hence this way publishers will get better recognition and reach too.

So, while the reach is potentially good for publishers and that this new collaboration aligns with LinkedIn beliefs that is to provide publishers the right audience and help them build a community, we think that this partnership will work well.

However, this may not be something of a short term work because Piano recently mentioned that LinkedIn and Piano will be going a long way along the road together and LinkedIn just put in an 88-million-dollar funding investment for Piano, which clearly shows that we are in for a lot of stuff.

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