Latest Version if iOS Has Not Negatively Impacted Game Downloads

A major concern about the latest version of iOS came from the app tracking transparency measures that Apple is implementing. These tracking privacy measures will make it so that users would have to opt in to app tracking since it would be turned off by default, something that made a lot of people concerned about whether or not this would negatively impact app downloads and the like.

However, it is important to note that at least as far as ad targeting in games is concerned, it turns out that things are not quite as bad as marketers had initially expected they were going to be. Data coming from Apptopia has shown that revenues that various games might be able to generate have been holding steady despite the almost 3/4ths adoption rate for iOS 14.5 amongst Apple users.

This is a heartening sign for game and app developers because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up indicating that things are not going to be quite so bad for them in the future. However, it is also important to address the fact that Apple is not really implementing any penalties for game apps that are tracking users as of yet. If this changes in the future things will turn out to be quite different, and we might even start to see the rather apocalyptic scenarios that so many people were worried would come to light.

Alternatively, large investments from big name developers on native ads on various platforms might be subverting the expected revenue drop. Whatever the case may be, this is something that will give many developers a lot of hope for the future and will help them focus on releasing a bunch of new projects on time.
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