Data Shows, YouTube Shorts Gives Tough Competition To TikTok Soon After Its Global Launch

Since 2019 and the advent of COVID, there has been a rise in the screen time per user across the globe and this has resulted in most users climbing aboard the easy and inquisitive content creation ship of TikTok. As a result of the increased screen time TikTok amassed a huge number of users and following suit there were several applications that followed in its stead to present users with an amazing experience of creating and watching short films. However, there were none that could compete with the increasing fame of TikTok.

YouTube had a similar idea in development over quite a long time and the brains at the headquarters were shuffling here and there to provide the users with the ultimate experience of short videos. In January of 2021, they released YouTube Shorts to the users in the United States as a second beta testing option and it saw huge success there. Following suit they released it to the world and amassed enough users that TikTok now has a competitor.

The credibility of YouTube Shorts being a worthy competitor is backed by the daily view they receive from around the world. With the number touching 15 billion views every day, there is no uncertainty to the growing popularity of Shorts and this only goes on to follow the exponential increase.

With a sense of competition now in the market, we can have TikTok take some action to retain their users database, however, the tech experts are calling the Shorts market situation as one that lacks supply. This supply is being catered to by an increasing wave of users to YouTube Shorts.

Tubular Labs also looked into the matter and indicated that there is maximum credibility to the success of YouTube Shorts. One creator, Jake Fellman, indicated that one of his Shorts that got starred in the explore option by the algorithm received huge feedback by amassing 184 million views, his highest ever.

The news regarding the increased feasibility to YouTube content creation and easier method to test new themes has proved to be a major factor in increasing user traffic on Shorts. Samir Chaudry backed these claims as the 278 subscriber holder shared the fact that new ideas can be tested on Shorts and then videos can be started depending on the initial success of the short.

The browsing experience on Shorts is similar to that of TikTok but the lucrative ability of Shorts is still in question as earning through ads is a major revenue source and at the moment, ads on Shorts are pretty far-fetched of an idea. There are many that agree that the trade off is worth it, however, the long term success still depends on how YouTube decides to handle how lucrative Shorts can become for a new content creator.

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