Huawei Takes The Crown Of Best Camera From Apple In The Recent Dxomark Test

The ever increasing technological advancements and changes leave little to the imagination. For the past decade and more, Apple was at the throne of delivering the best camera across town with relative ease and was miles away from every new release from other flagship phones. Over the years, the Chinese companies have dominated every sector and industry across the globe and Apple could not escape the wrath of the Chinese. The ever increasing GDP and Population of China provided Huawei with the tools and necessary ability to challenge and defeat Apple’s widely renowned Camera.

Huawei recently unveiled its flagship phone, P50 Pro and its Camera test results show amazing potential and achievement. Not only did the P50 Pro take over the throne from Apple’s iPhone 12 but did so with a margin that many considered unachievable. While the iPhone 12 received a widely acclaimed 130 points on the Dxomark Camera test, Huawei’s P50 Pro sent it flying away defeating it with a 14 point lead on the test with a total score of 144 points.

Huawei’s unique strategy and ultimate plan assisted them in taking over the throne from Apple. The plan revolves around using the two sensors to achieve a better grading on the noise test. In order to achieve this, Huawei used the 40-megapixel monochrome sensor to lower the noise and alleviate the details of the image, this complemented the 50-megapixel all colour sensor that escalated the reduction in noise and enhanced the attention to detail on the image. This plan provided Huawei and P50 pro with a 24 points lead over iPhone on the Dxomark Noise Test.

The new flagship phone from Huawei snatched a 149 on the quality of the photo, a 107 on the zoom feature and a 116 on the video quality amassing a 144 on the weighted test of Dxomark. Not only that, the P50 pro also features a 64 MP telephoto lens and a 13 MP ultra wide lens providing more than an edge over the new iPhone 12. This is signified by the 107 that P50 Pro has over iPhone’s mere 68.

The only problem faced by Huawei and its revolutionary camera phone is the fact that the product is only China based proving troublesome for the customers across the world and not only that, the phone runs on the China administered Harmony OS that comes along with certain restrictions that limit the accessibility of the phone. As compared to that, the iPhone’s Operating System takes charge back and is the primary reason for the iPhone 12’s renowned legacy.

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