Facebook brings out a new and organized settings page

Facebook is surely one of the most used social media platform out there, it has been around for the longest time. Facebook despite being an older platform has still managed to stay at the top. It surely is Facebook’s usability, features and uniqueness that has kept it ahead of its competition.

Facebook has an easy to understand interface and is friendly for almost all ages thus almost anyone can learn how to use Facebook. While users find Facebook pretty easy to use, they sure face some trouble with one particular section of the platform and that is the ‘settings’ page. Facebook settings page since its start have been a little difficult to understand for many users, the main reason for which is the unorganized sections it had. Users that are not into technology usually found it difficult to find one particular setting that they wanted to change thus leaving them frustrated. Facebook being a social platform that always solves user problems, understood this problem and have now developed an effective solution.

The engineers at Facebook have now come out with a new and organized settings page, the new page is available on Android devices, Facebook lite application, iOS and the web version. The settings page is now highly organized and settings that previously were not in any column have now been put into different categories. The new settings page has six different categories, each of which contain different options. The six categories are as follows; Account, Audience and Visibility, Community Standards, Permissions, Preferences and Your Information. With settings being organized into different categories users will easily be able to identify which option belongs to which category.

The new categories also sort the whole setting page together thus providing a decluttered and simple settings page. With organized categories in the settings page, users would not have to waste a lot of time finding the right option. Facebook seconded this statement in a newsroom post, in which they wrote about how specific names makes settings easier to find.

With the new settings page, Facebook has removed the ‘Privacy’ category and have sorted the options that previously belonged to the privacy category into different categories. Apart from this Facebook has also added an easy access button for privacy controls at the top right of the settings landing page.

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