Instagram is testing its new Audio Tab in explore to help users discover music easily

After the quick success of a lot of audio related apps, a lot of social sites have started developing their own versions of audio format in their apps. Recently Instagram have started testing its new audio tab, the audio tab has started appearing in the explore section of a few users and is expected to release. After Instagram ‘reels’, the audio tab is yet another of Instagram’s feature that is inspired by TikTok.

The audio tab feature enables user to search for sound tracks easily, using the new option you can type in a keyword in the explore section, doing this will provide you with a lot of sound tracks that are registered on Instagram. Selecting one particular song or clip will land you on another page which opens that sound track, this separate page includes two button, one allows you to save the audio for future use while clicking on the other one would allow you to use it in your own post. This page also shows reels clips of other creators that have used the same song or audio clip in their video. The functionality of Instagram’s new audio tab is much similar to that of TikTok’s, you can look for a particular sound track in the TikTok’s sounds tab and get similar results.

On TikTok clicking on the song title of any video immediately brings in front of you, the videos of other creators that have used the same song/audio, this feature grows communication and sharing amongst its users as they can click on a trending audio or song and watch how other creators have made videos around it. Instagram reels also has a similar option, which brings a number of reel clips that used the same song or audio when you tap the music button near the bottom of the clip. This feature maximizes music engagement in the app.

TikTok has been a big success and is now a serious competition for Instagram, Instagram is still working hard to make Reels popular, this new discovery option is a really good to show people the best trends on popular songs and audios.

Apart from that Instagram is now created a program that will reward users for creating reel clips, Instagram is also testing out new ways to share Reels clips on Facebook. Instagram is doing all this hard work to make Reels popular amongst people so that it can beat its rising competitor TikTok, so will Instagram be able to make Reels popular and get people off from TikTok? Well that’s’ unlikely since data suggest that people on an average have started spending more time on TikTok than Instagram.


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