LinkedIn Rolls Out Its Own In-App Video Calling Feature To Enhance Connectivity

Last year, LinkedIn added the option to video chat in order to upgrade the connectivity. However, it was only possible through third-party applications like Zoom, for instance. The platform rolled out yet another video feature this week. Now what was the need for it? The new LinkedIn video call option enables users to video chat within the app without the interference of any downloaded third-party apps.

The reason behind doing so was to maintain the context of the conversation. As noticed in various areas, when a conversation was shifted from LinkedIn to another virtual platform to conduct a face-to-face session, there was a high chance of the rhythm getting lost in the process. To maintain the flow, now users would be able to conduct a video session without having to shift to any other app. This would save the users hiring employees the trouble of signing up for video calling services or packages.

The new feature is easily noticeable in the chat, namely 'Create Video Meeting'. However if someone wishes to conduct the meeting in a more comfortable zone elsewhere, the meeting can be shifted to another platform through the option evident at the bottom of the set-up screen. Furthermore, the video chat will also feature the participants' details beneath. Everything that is on their basic LinkedIn profile will be evident.

This is not all, LinkedIn also added a feature for absolute efficiency. This will allow prompts for the video chat to pop up whenever you mention words similar to it. For instance, if you send a text stating 'we should video chat' then an option to video chat will accompany your text. This video chat prompt will allow you to directly call without wandering any further.

While LinkedIn is working on its video chat features, it also decided to include calendar integrations so setting up schedules and email prompts would be easier. Users will be able to access their chat box and send messages while in the middle of a video conference. Lastly, like zoom, users would be able to share their screen as well.

Although LinkedIn's current algorithm can only facilitate one-on-one video meetings for now, it is looking forward to adding more. Well, why would someone choose this platform with such a huge shortcoming? LinkedIn believes launching its own video base would enable users to have a more connected and authentic experience. It hopes this initiative would help construct stronger bonds between users.

The feature, rolling out from today, is a part of the broader visual spectrum that LinkedIn aims to cover as it launches more and more video tools like story sharing and live streaming. The platform also announced an option where users can add in videos to facilitate better learning.

We look forward to seeing LinkedIn achieve all it's goals and become the best employment and learning platform yet.

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