Instagram shares a detailed guide for creators on its growing feature Reels

Reels is the Instagram version of TikTok, and by far is quite successful as well. However, users making reels their primary area of focus without having any influential control on the platform are striving. To help those users out, Instagram once again explained how the whole process works including how reels targets users, how your reel gets publicity, and lastly, how your reel does not get publicity at all.

The new details will help you improve your content in turn maximizing your reach. However there is a little that you would definitely have to keep in mind. Let's take a look at what Instagram has to say below.

First of all, Instagram has a complex pathway focusing on each individual user, determining which reel would fit best. It does so by checking all these factors;

1. Watching a reel all the way through

If you watch a reel all the way through, it means you're interested. Basically most users watch barely the first half of the reel before they decide if it's worth their time. So if a user watches the whole of it, Instagram knows its their cup of tea hence it will provide similar content.

2. The reels you like

The second most important thing is the reels you give that double-tap to. You watched a reel? You liked it? Similar ones will definitely be on your feed now.

3. Engaging with particular reels

Commenting and reacting means you're taking time out of the regular scrolling to express how you feel about the reel. If the reel managed to get a reaction, it means it did appeal to you.

4. Reenacting the reels by using those audios.

Lastly, if you use the audio given in that reel to remake one, it definitely shows you liked it and would love similar ones.

Now that you know the reason behind the reels appearing on your page, it is time to get some insights on how to make your reels appear more frequently. The four signals that boost your reels' reach are;

1. Your activity

The more followers you have and the more engagement you acquire results in a higher reach automatically. When Instagram sees you being active and your content being liked, it will increase your reach.

2. Your engagement history

If you're an active user of reels, have a large fan following, and frequently engage in reenacting reels, Instagram would know you are serious about your content and know where the interest of the public lies.

3. Information about the reel/quality of the reel

In anything, quality matters the most. So having low quality pixelated content will not get you anywhere. The frames need to be of the exact size, the pixels clear and the sound of quality.

4. Data on the user posting the reel

Instagram keeps tabs on information about the users posting content, especially reels. As you will see below, there are particular factors in that personal information that are a downer and may decrease your reach.

These are the basic Instagram tools to heighten reach. These apply on posts, accounts, and now reels as well. Instagram always emphasizes on showing you content that you're more interested in or frequently engage with which is kind of the basic core of the whole concept. This is just an overview of how Instagram works, but the details? We have no idea about that.

Lastly, here is something that you do not notice often in Instagram guides. These are the points that limit your reach. By doing any of these, your reach will be quite limited, something we don't really want so even if you fail to follow the steps given above, it is essential to keep an eye out for these.

1. Any symbol (watermarks) or low quality resolution

Instagram does not encourage reposting videos from TikTok as reels and that is pretty evident from the watermark. So if you're one using those videos, you better beware.

2. Relating to politics

This is the first time Instagram is openly condemning politics. If your reel consists of any political statement or action, it will not reach many users and Instagram has made that quite clear.

3. Reels made by the 'higher-ups'

By higher-ups, Instagram is indicating towards the politicians that resort to making reels even if the content is not political. The platform is going to stay far away from any dubious content or user.

Now that you know all there is to know about reels, it is time to get the most important piece of advice. No matter how many guides you read or advice from influencers, unless your content is high-quality and appealing, you won't be getting anywhere. Content that gets users to engage is considered the best and will in turn receive quite a high reach. For creating high-quality content, there are no guides available and you will have to be original on that front. In the end, these platforms are all about individuality and originality.

These platforms are basically trial-and-error and to actually be successful, you will need to invest time and effort, by focusing on one area at a time.

Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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