Apple And WhatsApp Go Head On As Differences Spring In Stopping Digital Abuse

Apple recently released a new update that associates itself with Child Safety Measures. It is meant to limit or prohibit the spread of abusive and explicit child pornography. This update was appreciated by many as the digital age is being run rampant by scammers and hackers that access mobile devices and tablets to access materials related to Child Pornography which is sold for high monetary value on the dark web.

However, Will Cathcart, the CEO of Whatsapp took to Twitter to explain their disagreement with the Child Safety Measure problems and identify the problems that are associated with this. His first comments mentioned that the update is linked with severe privacy infringement by Apple as the updated policy allows Apple to scan all images on a mobile phone. He further mentioned that even though the intention is right from Apple, the path they have taken is one of wrong and privacy infringement.

Mr. Cathcart went on to highlight that Apple’s algorithm and artificial intelligence will access all photos and run them with known child sexual abuse material to look for matches. Despite Apple’s claim that the data will be encrypted throughout the time, it is difficult to believe the scale at which it will be conducted and the promises made by Apple.

Another of the updates of the Safety Measures includes that in devices used by children under the age of 13 if they sent any material of sexual nature, their parents will be sent a message indicating such. This raised eyebrows as this indicates that Apple will be vary of the pictures that are being shared, therefore, being under the threat of infringing privacy.

However, the numbers raise the question to whether this might be the best attempt as there are around four hundred thousand children with their photos being exposed and used on the dark web. Another safety message in regards to this is Apple’s association with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, providing a sense of security to the privacy of the data and ensuring that the promises delivered by Apple might actually be true in its essence.

Despite Apple having great intentions, the rivalry between Apple and Facebook, inclusive of its acquisitions like Whatsapp, goes on. The recent update on the iOS 14.5 with Apple’s Transparency system sparked a feud in between the two companies. With statements being exchanged on both sides, Apple’s feature to allow the user for an option won more of the public vote than Facebook’s analytical attacks. The EFF also called the update a carefully constructed backdoor to privacy infringement. Even professors at universities, like Mathew from John Hopkins, took to social media to criticize the update.

The final nail in the coffin was hammered when the widely renowned Edwards Snowden also took to social media into commenting on the absurdity of the system and calling it an appalling idea. Some even went on to mention that this was the worst idea in Apple’s history and this might be the truth.

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