Instagram working on three interesting new features that are likely to boost its user experience

While the internet started becoming popular amongst users, a whole lot of social media sites came up however only a few managed to survive the years of tough competition. Now social media platforms have a large user base with billions of users. According to a report around 11 people join social media platforms every second. This large user base is catered by numerous different social platforms and for these platforms to survive this tough competition, they have to be innovative and different from their competitors.

Instagram amongst other social platforms is currently one that’s been continuously bringing out many different updates. The app is doing this in order to rise above the competition it has faced in recent times. As per Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram, which is the second most used social application, is expected to come out with three new unique features that would surely increase Instagram's user experience.

The first update that Instagram is expected to bring about is on its relatively newer feature named 'Reels', the company released this to compete against TikTok, which in recent times has been quite challenging to Instagram. The update that Instagram is expected to bring to Reels will notify users when they come about a video they have already watched. This feature would surely save users from wasting their time on a video they have already watched before thus increasing user experience on Reels.

The second update that Instagram is expected to bring about is in its camera. The company is currently working on increasing its camera resolution from 720p to 1080p. This change would definitely increase the camera usage on Instagram and will also attract more users to the app.

The third update that Instagram is currently working on is the redesign of the previous poll sticker. Users on Instagram use the poll sticker to ask their followers different questions or have a voting on their story. This change is a small one however it will be the most noticeable one amongst users since the poll sticker is largely used on the app.

These changes however small but will likely increase Instagram's over all experience, if the platform continues to work on newer updates like these, the app would surely be able to beat its competitors and keep holding its current position for being the second most used app next to its parent ‘Facebook’.

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