Increase in Chromebook demand makes global PC shipment increase by 10 percent

While desktop computers surely do have a large user base and still continue to rule the hearts of many users. Laptops thanks to their portability and smaller size is now being preferred over desktop PC’s. This has caused the demand of laptops to largely increase and made a lot of tech companies come out and produce their own laptops. While laptops demand rose, Google was also amongst the companies that started producing laptops.

Google in the year 2011 came out with their laptops named ‘Chromebook’. When released the Chrome books performed good in the market and were successful. The tech giant Google continued with producing more releases of the Chromebooks. In the past few years Google have worked on Chromebooks and have further increased its quality, speed and features. These new features have made the demand of these laptops largely increase. ChromeBooks, because of their usability and speed were also the most demanded for educational purpose during the pandemic.

Recently the PC shipments results from the second quarter of 2021 was revealed by Canalys, the amount of PC shipments in the Q2 of 2021 were found to be around 121.7 million. This was a 10% up from the same quarter of 2020.

Data revealed that this surge in PC shipments was largely due to increased ChromeBook sales. ChromeBooks last quarter completely outshined other devices. Almost 11.9 million of ChromeBooks were sold, which was 75% more than the amount sold in the same quarter of 2020.

Apart from Chromebooks HP, Lenovo and Acer were also amongst companies that experienced an increase in laptop sales and contributed to the 10% increase. HP, Lenovo and Acer collectively sold around 8.7 million devices.

HP, Lenovo and Acer all experienced two figures growth percentage. It was Samsung that sold 1 million Chromebooks.

What stands out in this is that Chrome despite being the first company to produce a portable laptop has managed to stand out in the market since the beginning of time, even though it had a lot of competition.

Even amongst the pandemic when a lot of companies and business faced revenue droppings and shortages, Chrome managed to outshine itself and in between all its remarkable sales ha planned out a great future for their laptop ranges with new and improved features and outlooks.

Education sector is also using Chromebooks in their curriculum which proves that not only the device is remarkable in terms of its feature, it is user friendly as well.

Google has managed to come with the best of devices which is great and we cannot wait to see how well it will do in the future as well.

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