Instagram’s Interesting New Feature Upgrades DMs

Instagram’s DM feature is arguably the thing that allowed the platform to turn into the single most popular social media app in the world except for its parent company Facebook. However, it is important to note that Instagram continues to make upgrades to DMs for the purposes of ensuring that users get the chance to spread their content as far as they need to.

One recent feature that you might start to see on Instagram has to do with the ability to send your posts to multiple people (especially groups), as per Alessandro Paluzzi. You will be able to send these posts to several different individuals or alternatively you might want to send it to a group in which case that would be facilitated as well.

It is easy to see just how exciting this feature is going to be for lots of different people. Not only will it allow influencers and the like to distribute their content to lots of people all at once, but brands and other types of content creators will be able to do the same as well.

One potential problem that a lot of people can foresee happening when it comes to these types of things is that it might increase the occurrence of spam on the platform. After all, a spammer will get the chance to send their spam to far more people now, although it should be noted that there is likely going to be restriction that would prevent you from messaging people you don’t know like this. Still, phishing attacks can become more dangerous now since a phished account can send messages to all of its followers which would increase the spread of the links that malicious actors might use to obtain your log in data or other types of information.

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