Survey reveals that smart home devices are making people’s life much easier than they expected

The world of technology and internet has been moving fast for the past two decades, with each passing year we see technology improving and growing. This continuous growth of technology is surely a revolution and this technological revolution has surely changed the ways we spend our life. Just about a decade back, humans used big computers that required ample amount of energy to do simple mathematical functions, a few years later technology improved and everyone had smaller and much efficient computers sitting at their desks and laps. Then came in a smartphone revolution, which surely did change the world, with the invention of mobile phones came in a lot of new features and apps that still continue to make our life easier.

The growth of technology in these past few years have been massive, however it still doesn’t seem to stop. While things like smart phones and voice assistants continue to make life easier, technology companies since the past few years have been working on automating a lot of other things as well, the list of which includes almost about everything be it cars, speakers, televisions or any other electrical appliance.

In the last few years’ different companies have introduced a list of smart home devices that surely does make life at home much easier. Smart devices provide a much easier control and user experience over many electrical appliances. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, the sales of smart devices has largely increased. In developed countries almost every person has used or uses a smart home device. Nowadays smart home devices can do much more than just their primary function. Recently a study on the use of smart devices was conducted by Frontier and the results surely did provide some interesting insights.

The study was conducted to determine just about how well humans are getting along with their smart devices. In the study around 86% of the respondents agreed to having a smart device at their home. Amongst the people that owned smart devices almost 68% said that they find their smart devices very useful and find themselves using smart devices much more than they expected they would. While majority agreed to using their smart devices more than expected, around 59% of them said that they use one particular feature of their device much more than others.

The respondents were also asked about their most used feature and the answers were found to be pretty diversified. Amongst the 1292 respondents, a big majority agreed to using their smart devices for purposes such as home monitoring, alarms and notifications, news and entertainment. A small percentage also agreed on using their home device for daily tasks such as asking questions, list making, voice calls and messaging. This sure does shows the wide variety of things that technology have eased for people.

The study also found out that people having smart devices at home feel much happier and safer than before. The insights revealed by this study surely does prove that smart devices sales in the near future will surely grow.

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