WhatsApp is working towards end-to-end encryption on its local backup

In the past few years the use of technology and the internet has widely grown. Technology makes almost everything easier thus people and businesses all over the world are now dependent on it for their day to day tasks. While technology sure has numerous advantages, it has a few disadvantages including data breaches and hacking. Technological devices nowadays have large amounts of data in them which can either be public or private. Hackers since the start of digitization have been using different methods to try and get into user devices. Most hackers even buy vulnerabilities that let them get into different software and applications on the user's device.

Within the past 10 years, smart phones have largely taken over the technology market and have been able to grab a large user base. This ever increasing user base has made hackers target smartphone applications, thus increasing hacking and data breaching in smartphones.

To tackle this increasing problem mobile applications have been coming up with better encryptions. New discover suggests that the infamous messaging application 'WhatsApp' is testing the end to end encryption (E2EE) on its local backup as well along with cloud backups (i.e. stored in Google Drive).

WhatsApp allows creating a content-backup for users and stores the messages in the Google Drive and locally SD cards as well, so that users can retrieve it back at any time. While creating backup on the cloud or locally was surely a great idea, it did however concerned users regarding the safety of their backup. As, currently, the backups are not protected by the end to end (E2E) security protocols.

With the upcoming E2E backup technology, WhatsApp will easily solve this problem since the new E2EE will completely restrict third parties to access the data. This will largely help stop hackers who remotely try to gain access to conversations stored in the WhatsApp backup files.

WhatsApp currently provides some sort of security on its backups however the encryption isn't end to end which means that it still has a risk of being decrypted and accessed by a third party. However with the release of end to end encryption the backups will be better protected against any third party.

As per WABetaInfo, the new end to end encryption will firstly be available on the WhatsApp beta version of Android. The release of the encryption on the original version is still unannounced by the company.

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