Google enables its Gmail users to add status updates in chat

As users would've noticed worldwide, chat is now a crucial part of Gmail all over the world. The new Google update will allow users to customize their chat status along with active or inactive pre-made templates in order to show their activity. It is a good initiative, considering Gmail is a platform used more for business purposes than any other professional platforms.

The update of these custom statuses is only applicable to Android users, as per 9to5G. Since Google and Gmail have always focused on Android users more than iOS, it is only natural that updates appear first on Android. There is no news for the update and iOS and Google did not hint on any appearing in the future too.

The process is pretty simple too, navigating through the settings, you will find the 'Add a status', followed by a write your own. An emoji can then be selected to add a little zing.

Furthermore, the feature is not enabled by default hence it has to be turned on per device. If a user wants to turn it on, they have to follow the above given instructions to turn the feature on. Of course, only Android users will be able to turn the feature since there is no default setting.

As a result of the updates that every other platform is shooting one after the other, we feel Google became pressurized however it was a good result since we're getting various new updates. Google's new updates include inline threading, presence indicators, and what we now have came across- custom statuses.

The statuses include 'be right back' that is present for 30 minutes. Another one is 'commuting' on for an hour. 'Out sick' is available for a whole day while 'vacationing' works for at least a month. To clear these out, it is important to swipe them off.

The redesigned chats only harbor options to create custom statuses. This is available on the web however not available on the mobile. The Gmail navigation is an evident feature of the web however is yet to come on the mobile that is it will take a while to come to Android and even more time for iOS.

To excess the feature however you will have to enable the integrated Gmail experience. Once done you can get a taste of all the great experiences one can avail after turning them on. The chat was first available for not everyone however is not available for free users as well on Gmail.

We look forward to new updates rolling out from Google soon along with other platforms joining the league.

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