SpaceX in collaboration with Canadian startup is planning to release a billboard satellite in the sky to display logos, arts, and other advertisements

It looks like the advertisement business is going to expand even further in the future but its style is going to be changed in the coming time. The companies will not just promote their products on the earth but they will also be able to fill the sky with their ads too. This wish is going to become reality soon after the plan of Elon Musk. The CEO of SpaceX has given a plan in collaboration with the Canadian tech startup (Geometric Energy Corporation) to release a billboard satellite in the space that will present the ads, logos, and other types of content for promotions of different companies through its massive pixelated screen, as first reported by Insider. The satellite will be named Cubesat and those corporations who want to promote their products can buy tokens through crypto. However, people will not be able to see such ads in the sky as now they are thinking.

The team is planning to release the satellite into space through the Falcon 9 rocket. The skyrocket will take the Cubesat satellite (that has the measurement of only 4 inches) into the low-earth orbit and discharge the advertising platform before the skyrocket touches the moon, as per the statement of the Chief Executive Officer of GEC. However, people will not be able to view such ads from the ground of earth; rather the ads displaying screen will be filmed through a high technology “selfie stick” that will be attached to the sideways of the satellite. That recorded videotape will be live-streamed on popular video platforms such as YouTube.

It will make it convenient for everyone to view such advertisements running on the screen of Cubesat. The CEO of GEC also stated that it is not just for marketers but those people who also want to present their content on the screen can use the satellite screen to demonstrate their content material or their items for promotion. The main aim is to give access to everyone to purchase ads through the Cubesat. People or advertisers can buy these ads through 5 types of tokens including the Gamma that regulates the illumination of the screen and the Kappa will allow the marketers to select colors. In short, these tokens are based on the priority of what marketers and other people want from the advertising prospect.

The CEO of Canadian Startup said that he tried to work with SpaceX back in the year 2018 but he could not succeed at that time.

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