Amazon Capitalizes on Apple’s New Privacy Policy to Nab Advertisers from Facebook and Google

Apple’s policy that made it so that users would have to opt in to tracking in order for apps to be able to derive targeted data for them for advertising has had a widespread impact on the industry with all things having been considered and taken into account. Companies like Facebook, previously thought to be highly resistant to most changes that restricted search engine based advertising, are now starting to feel the heat since the vast majority of users would not be willing to opt in to tracking as they mostly do not like the idea of receiving personalized ads at all.

It seems that Amazon is going to end up profiting from these occurrences pretty enormously. The ecommerce giant has been seeing higher ad spends with many small businesses and the like dedicating more and more of their advertising dollars to Amazon after starting to see less than stellar results on Facebook. Amazon has already bitten quite a huge chunk out of Google’s market share in this regard, and it appears that Facebook is next on the massive company’s hit list which might spell trouble for the social media platform in the future.

While it is still far too early to say whether or not this change is actually going to be as big of a deal as people are assuming, there are still plenty of examples of businesses reducing their ad spends on Facebook and sending that money to Amazon instead. Amazon has made a lot of headway with Prime and it is branching out into a wide range of other industries and sectors as well, and if things keep going at this rate the dominance that Amazon would have over a wide range of areas is going to be absolute and most companies are going to end up really struggling to try and keep up with them.

H/T: Bloomberg.

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