Google Chrome is planning to give Bookmarks a visual refresh

While the bookmark is a great option for Chrome users to save websites that they want to review or go through later again, the display and its presentation is rather mainstream and boring. As of current times, Google Chrome just displays all bookmarked website in lining order in accordance to the dates they were saved and if you want to go through a website which you marked a few months back, it can be a hassle to find.

Well, not now. Google is changing the old bookmarks visuals with a new updated and better outlook. The updated changes are now available in Google’s Canary version and are a treat to the eyes. The tech giant is labeling them as “power bookmarks

The new bookmarks will be more colorful and their display size will be bigger and better, but that is not all. In accordance to the new update, the bookmarks option will now allow users to make different tabs in which they can save the websites. This means users can make folders and save different but related websites in it. For example, if one makes a folder for home décor and saves all websites which gives ideas and inspirations for home décor under it. This way it will be easier for users to take find and take a look back on websites about a particular thing because they will just know where to find it.

However, while this new update covers the basic outlook and styles in the mock the tech giant doesn’t change specific color folding and the tech giant has said to address this issue, later in time.

If you want to enable the new bookmarks all you have to do is launch in Chrome Canary version on Android and then type chrome://flags in the search bar. After this search for “Enable the visual refresh for Bookmarks”, or simply paste this in your address bar chrome://flags/#bookmarks-refresh and then select on enabled in the dropdown arrow and restart the browser. Once all this is done, tap on more and avail the new bookmark option. It is that easy.

Google surely does know how to make its browser all pretty and presentable and the new feature will surely be getting a great response from the users.

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