WhatsApp is making account restoration a lot more easier by introducing the Ban Review feature for Android users

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application and a large global internet population with a working smartphone has an active account on the said application. This means a whole lot of users who have faith, trust and expectations from the application and hence WhatsApp makes sure to deliver the best and that is what they did this time as well.

WhatsApp recently updated to their new version and while the new update may have other smaller new features as well which makes the update so great, the show has clearly been stolen by their new ban review feature. The ban review feature was already in the development for the iOS users however; in the new update this feature has been tested for Android users as well, as spotted by WAbetainfo.

So what does the feature do? Well, how many times has it happened to you that when you pick up your phone and open an application or casually scrolling through applications a notification pops up that your account has been banned due to violations of some guidelines that have been set by the respective platform and if you believe that it was just a glitch and that you did not do anything wrong, you have to go through a whole procedure of emails and verifications which can be little hectic.

Well, WhatsApp just made things easier with their new update. In this new ban review feature, any account that gets banned will be able to easily file a review directly from within the application without any emails involved, if they believe it was wrongly blocked.

If your accounts get banned because of a glitch or that you’ve been added in a group that violates the terms and policies which can eventually lead to your account getting banned or whatever reason it be, WhatsApp will allow you to file a ban review in which you can clearly describe what happened before the ban, why were you blocked and why do you believe the company’s decision was wrong. The team at WhatsApp will then review your application and track your previous activities and then if they believe that the ban was because of some system error, only then will you get your account back.

The new feature is great and while sending dozens of emails and verifications just to get an account back because of a mere glitch in system was hectic itself, we are glad WhatsApp came up with a relatively easier and far more convenient way.

However, if you are an Android user with the same version of WhatsApp and are thinking that why isn’t this new feature available to you let us update you on the fact that the new feature is still under development and may take some time before it hits you screen.
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