Recent survey on Collaboration Tools highlights a 44 percent increase in usage, thus proving the pandemic effect on their growth

Over the year’s digitalization has seen a tenfold success, technological devices with time have become more and more capable and are able to solve most human problems quicker than humans themselves. This fast technological innovation has led a large part of the world population to adapt these resources and use them to their advantage thus making any work easier and simpler for them.

A recent example of tech that make life easier for us are collaboration tools which as the name suggest are tools that makes it easier for workers and colleagues to work together on a project. Collaboration tools basically provide a medium that can be used by two or more people working towards the same goal, collaboration tools are widely used in things such as deciding an idea, plotting a strategy and taking an important team decision etc. Widely used collaboration tools include famous names such as Slack, Zoom and Microsoft 365.

While collaboration tools were performing great in the pre COVID 19 years, they however noticed a spike in the number of users soon after the virus affected almost all countries of the world. With the widespread of COVID 19 virus, governments announced strict lockdowns and precautions all over the world, thus resulting in business and offices being closed down, with the closing down of offices, workers had to work from home. Working from home largely killed the communication and teamwork between the workers, this resulted into workers choosing different collaboration tools so that they can effectively work together.

These collaboration tools proved to be a great help for offices and teams, and workers had a much better experience and ease in using them than they expected. This was the boost that collaboration tools needed, almost all collaboration tools after this noticed an ever increasing growth in their number of users.

Recently a data and research company named Gartner conducted a research about how the use of collaboration tools have increased after the COVID-19 virus. The company found out that around 80 percent of workers in 2021 are using collaboration tools. The company carried out a similar survey back in 2019, and found that only 56 percent used it back then. Considering a two year difference an increase of 44 percent is significantly large and shows the effect that the COVID 19 virus has had on the industry.

Apart from collaboration tools, the company also carried out surveys regarding different industries that might or might not have seen a rise due to COVID 19 virus. The company found out that apart from collaboration tools, other apps and tools such as storage tools and mobile messaging applications have seen a significant increase over the past two years. This all just collects up to further prove the positive effect COVID has had on the technology and internet industry.

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